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We Slip Under the Spell of Storytellers


A lot of the world is still quite a mystery, one that we may be breaching inch by inch, but a mystery nonetheless.

This is our brand new Game Concept Blog. We will be filling this with the ideas that we see missing in the realm of game design. When games are designed by people that care about art, history, philosophy, cinema, storytelling, and character, they just come out better.

Better means – more immersive, more imaginative, more compelling, more epic, more psychological, more rock-and-roll, and more real. The power of myth is not a light weapon, but a soft spot – a back door – back to our primal nature of how we process the world. We slip into the spell of storyellers. And we always have.

There are times when some programming causes us to put our guard down and accept a narrative, or a different state of consciousness. This goes back to even Kabuki, or Greek Theatre, where the audience was transfixed by some sense of re-created reality before them. The plays of Sophocles move people to even this day, as we see them in so many forms, even in Shaksespeare.

Our mission as game designers is to tap into that mystery sense of imagination, where the possible and impossible are free to tangle lawlessly, and collaborating their energies into one. Take our Game, Rawblades: Machina Tactical.

In Rawblades, you have a future popart-thin world totally unlike ours where the super rich control everything, and basically just hire private security for everything. The outrageous Military Industrial Fashion Complex has taken over the rich society which often needs armored protection to travel from swank joint to swank joint through the food riots.

Here we are trying to develop a rich sense of icon art that you may have found in Interplay’s 80′s hit ‘Wasteland’ which later went on to become basis for the Fallout series, now picked up by Bethesda.

I like to bring in the language use of David Lynch, Stanley Kubrik, where the characters exist to portray the sides of an argument. I like things that villify themselves, and don’t have to be dressed up to be made a villain. Or a Hero, or whatever character may attempt to sway us from our normal state of consciousness. We break from the spell when these things lose their footing within the framework they’ve tried to make us believe. Belief is the key study of great, great Game Design. Let’s see some better games out there.

Don’t let the Nothing take down Atrayu. Hipsters, tell the Squares what that means. More Later, Daddios…

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